Thursday, 13 November 2008

Ham Radio Software

A few years ago I started looking for some radio software that provided all of the facilities that I wanted and that had a user friendly interface when I stumbled on Ham Radio Deluxe.

In those early day Simon Brown and Peter Halpin (Now SK) had just started the development and over the years the program has changed dramatically and now includes the following features.

Full rig control - Supports most radios
DX Cluster
Built in web browsers
Winkeyer support
Rotator Support
Most of the data modes including SSTV, PSK, RTTY, Olivia, Throb etc
Satellite tracking with Doppler tracking and AZ/EL rotator control
Plus many other features to numerous to mention

HRD is in my opinion the best Ham software available today and it is completely free, although some of its 50,000 users do donate via PayPal to help Simon defray his costs.

Download it at

Terry - G4POP

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